Israel Creates and Dedicates Trump Heights

On Sunday, June 16, Israel celebrated and dedicated a new village on the Golan Heights in the honor of U.S. President Donald Trump. President Trump has demonstrated many times since his election that he is a true friend of the state of Israel. This was especially demonstrated with the official recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the moving of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem on the 70th anniversary of Israel, May 14, 2018. Earlier this year, President Trump signed an official document in Washington that recognizes the formerly disputed area of the Golan Heights as being a sovereign part of the state of Israel. Now, the Israeli government is showing their gratitude to President Trump by establishing a new village in this historic part of ancient Israel.

According to the Bible, this part of the Promised Land called “Bashan” was given to the Jews by God. It was conquered by Israel and given to the tribe of Manasseh under the direction of Moses, as recorded in Deuteronomy 3:1-13. According to Jeremiah 50:19, after the defeat of Israel at the hands of the Babylonians almost 2,600 years ago, God promised that in the last days He would return His people to this part of the Promised Land.

The Golan Heights was given to the Syrians as a part of the French mandate after World War 1. The Syrians used this high ground as a military launching pad from 1949 to 1967 to make life miserable for the Jewish farmers living in the Galilee. Finally, the Syrians were defeated and driven out by Israel during the 6-day war in June, 1967. In 1981 Israel officially annexed this land as an official part of the state of Israel. However, all of the nations, including the U.S., failed to officially recognize Israel’s declaration of sovereignty and referred to this area as “disputed land.” Now, with these recent announcements by President Trump, the world is being force to decide if they will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the Golan as a sovereign part of the state of Israel.

According to the prophetic Scriptures, Israel and the U.S. are standing against world opinion on these matters. However, God is on Israel’s side. The nations are about to enter into the final confrontation with God. This conflict will lead to two major wars mentioned in the Bible – the Battle of Gog and Magog on the Golan Heights (Ezekiel 38-39) and the Battle of Armageddon in Jerusalem (Zechariah 12, 14).

God’s prophetic clock in heaven is ticking and it is getting very late! Get ready for the shout that will take us out!

Click on the following link to watch the dedication of Trump Heights.


Islam’s Hatred of Jews and Christians

The world is attempting to appease Islam by passing laws to protect anyone from criticizing any aspect of the religion. At the same time, the world seems to have given them permission to attack Jews and Christians. All over Europe, leaders within the European Union are asking Jews to stop wearing the Jewish head covering, or any other Jewish symbol. At the same time, radical Muslims are attacking Christians who are wearing a crucifix. The message is loud and clear. Don’t offend Muslims while they plan to attack you and kill you. We are living in times of great spiritual darkness!

Since the beginning of the religion of Islam, there has been an open attack upon the cross, the very symbol that recognizes the Christian faith and salvation. Several sources indicate that this was the teaching and practice of Muhammad, the founding prophet of Islam. For centuries, Muslims have been breaking crosses and destroying churches across the Middle East and Europe. Muslims do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God and teach that Judas, not Jesus, died on a cross.

As Islam continues to grow in numbers and acceptance, it is a clear sign that the end of this age is approaching. Islam teaches that at the end, Jesus, who they call Issa, will return with the Islamic Messiah and destroy Christianity, breaking crosses, and killing Jews. This is in direct opposition to the message of the Bible. According to the Bible, the Antichrist (who will be a Muslim), and all those who join him in his attack upon Israel, will be killed by Jesus at Armageddon (Revelation 19:11-21).

This clearly reminds us that the Koran and the Bible are not the same. They have opposing messages. They cannot both be right. It also proves that the god of Islam, Allah, is not the God of the Bible, who calls Himself “the Holy One of Israel.” The final war at the end of this age will be the god of Ishmael (Islam) against the God of Isaac (Israel). The stage is set and the players are marching to the beat of hatred that will drive them to Armageddon.

Get ready for the shout that will take us out!

2,600 year old Seal of King Josiah’s Servant Discovered


Archeologists in Israel just discovered a clay seal buried 40 feet below a parking lot in Jerusalem. This tiny seal bears the name of one of King Josiah’s servants, Natan L’Melech, mentioned in 2 Kings 23:11. These stunning discoveries are becoming more common in recent years. Now, more than 54 names in the Bible have been discovered on objects by archeologists in Israel. Our God is graciously sending a message to all of Israel and the world that the Bible is historically accurate. This also proves that the Jewish people were in their land long before the Palestinians. All of this is bad news for those who claim that the Bible is a book of fairy tales.


European’s Hatred for Jews on the Rise

photo courtesy Israel Today

Today, the church is almost non-existent in parts of the EU. Furthermore, radical Islamic immigrants are flooding Europe, bring their hatred of Israel and the Jews with them. Consequently, anti-Semitism is once again raising its ugly head and setting the stage for another world war – the last one, Armageddon. “The Commission of the European Union recently published a survey which showed that 75% of British Jews feel that anti-Semitism has become a very large and serious problem. As a result a third of British Jewry is considering emigration due to the upsurge in anti-Semitism.” (The Jerusalem Report, January 28, 2019, p. 10)

Studies now indicate that the new Palestinian school curriculum, which is funded by the EU, is more radical than in previous years. The curriculum does not promote peace between the Palestinians and Israelis. It teaches the children that Jews have no part in their land. And, it promotes jihad and martyrdom to accomplish the radical goal of eliminating Israel. The next generation of Palestinians is being educated to be more radical and more anti-Semitic.There will be no true peace in the Middle East until Jesus comes.

This also spells trouble for Christians. The radical Muslims have a saying, “First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday.” This means that their war of eradication of all non-Muslims is aimed first at Jews, then at Christians. This is evidenced all over the Middle East where the Jewish and Christian population in most cases is dwindling. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where the Christian population is safe and growing.

We need to understand that the enemies of Christians and Jews are the same. This present state of affairs will only worsen as we approach the final days at the end of this age. The coming world dictator, the Antichrist, like Hitler, will lead an all-out war to annihilate all Jews and those who will be saved during the Tribulation. We can see the storm coming. We only pray that our exit through the Rapture is imminent. “Even, so, come Lord Jesus” (Revelation 22:20).

Rhetoric between Russia, Iran, and Israel Heating UP

Iranian flag picture from Israel Today
credit: Israel Today

Israel has just discovered the location of another Iranian precision missile factory in Syria that is under construction. The factory is just outside of Latakia, close to the Russian Khmeimim Air Force base. Israel has announced that Prime Minister Netanyahu will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on February 21 to discuss the growing Iranian military presence in Syria, near Israel’s northern border.

However, Russia, Iran, and Syria are having a meeting before Putin’s meeting with Netanyahu to discuss Israel’s military strikes against Iran’s strategic military interests in Syria. On Friday, February 8, Russia’s deputy foreign minister warned Israel to curtain its strikes against Iranian positions in Syria.  Russia claims that Israel’s attack on Iran’s military installations in Syria are destabilizing the region, moving Iran and Israel closer to a major military confrontation.

In light of the prophetic Word found in Ezekiel 38, these are critical developments that are worthy of our utmost attention. It is my opinion that the battle of Gog and Magog, which includes Iran and Russia, mentioned in Ezekiel 38 will take place very close to the time of the Rapture of the church.

Get ready for the shout that will take us out!