Super Trump

No other American president has ever supported Israel like our current president. As a result, praise for U.S. President Donald Trump is soaring high in Israel. Israel has a new hit song, sung by the Jerusalem Boy’s Choir. Here are the lyrics.

Super Trump, is Jerusalem’s prince

Super Trump, to the sky he will reach,

Halleluya from the city of Zion In the name of our Lord,

He will fight like a lion If the whole world stands against us

And only Micronesia is rooting for us

When the sons of Ishmael harm our land Don’t you worry, Trump takes a stand

If in ISIS they are shouting S.O.S And in Gaza the Hamas, have started packing bags

If UNESCO joins with the B.D.S. Don’t you fret at all,

Trump is standing guard

If Iran is cracking nukes every single morning

And the world shuts up, and doesn’t even care

One fine day, no one will hear them calling Cause super Trump is here, and always standing guard.

To hear this song, click on this link and enjoy.