Earthquake at the Dead Sea

Israel continues to experience minor earthquakes. On Wednesday, June 26, a 3.8 earthquake occurred in the southern area of the Dead Sea. This area is a part of the very dangerous earthquake fault zone that is known as the Syrian/African Rift Valley. This fault forms the eastern border of Israel with Jordan. In Israel, this Rift Valley follows the entire Jordan River basin in Israel from the north until it reaches the Dead Sea. The earthquake fault goes underneath the Dead Sea, through the Arava Valley and through the Red Sea into the continent of Africa. Jerusalem is located only 17 miles to the west if the fault line. This Rift Valley will produce the major earthquakes connected to many prophetic events mentioned in the Bible. These current successive minor quakes along this fault line are a signal that the more powerful ones are coming. The last major quake in this area was in 1927. Israeli seismologists have been preparing the nation for the next big earthquake, which they say is due any time.