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Examining current events in the Light of Bible Prophecy
Mike Wingfield

Mike was saved at the age of nine. He and his wife Joyce were married in 1968 and have two adult children who are married. They have three grandchildren. Joyce has been serving as a full-time office manager at Prophecy Today Ministries since March 1999.


Mike graduated in 1972 from Grace College (Winona Lake, IN) with a B.A. degree in Bible. He is also a 1975 Master of Divinity honor graduate of Grace Theological Seminary (Winona Lake, IN).

Prior to founding Prophecy Today Ministries, Mike pastored for 25 years, leading congregations in Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia. Mike founded Prophecy Today Ministries in 1990 and has been very active in Bible prophecy conferences since that time. Since June 1997, he has been the full-time director of this ministry.


Since 1990, MIke has traveled to the Middle East eighteen times and has become familiar with the political, social, economic, and religious trends in the region. His careful study of the prophetic Scriptures, traveling experiences, and Scriptural analysis of world events, give him a keen insight into current events. Since 1997, his conference ministry has included more than 525 prophetic conferences in 175 churches in 22 states. In addition to his conference ministry in the U.S., he has proclaimed the Word of God in New Zealand, Poland, and Canada. His Bible prophecy newsletter has a circulation of more than 8,000 in the U.S. and 10 foreign countries. His messages demonstrate in a very conservative way how current events are setting the stage for the final events of the end-times.

In addition to his Bible Prophecy Conference ministry, he also hosts annual tours to the lands of the Bible. These tours include Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, and Turkey. He has also spoken in several schools, jails, nursing homes, plus several radio and TV talk shows. In recent years, his ministry has covered America from shore to shore – from Virginia to California and from Florida to Maine. He is the author of several publications and the editor of the monthly 8-page “PTNews” newsletter (published since 1990).

Pivotal Event

In February 1993, a masked gunman, with a 12-gauge shotgun, forced entry into the Wingfield home. In the process of struggling with the masked intruder, Mike was shot in both hands. In the following months, while Mike required numerous surgeries on both of his hands, the entire family had to go into hiding while detectives searched for the suspect. It took the police 3 ½ years to solve the case. All evidence pointed to a young man, involved in drugs, who took his own life a few days after the shooting. This experience has had a profound impact upon Mike and his family, making them aware of the urgent need to share that God’s grace is always sufficient in life’s darkest hours.
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