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Examining current events in the Light of Bible Prophecy
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- Pray for the Lord to glorify Himself with this war.  Pray that the people of Israel will see the hand of God as He fights for them (Psalm 121).

- Pray for the Israeli military forces who will be in harm’s way as they go into the Gaza Strip and face direct gun battles with Hamas forces in tight quarters.

- Pray for the people and soldiers of Israel in the north as they defend Israel against the weapons of Hezbollah. (Isaiah 54:17).

- Pray for those who supply the military with food and gear that they will have adequate supplies to care for 360,000 soldiers.  This is, no small task for a small country like Israel.

- Pray for families who have sons and daughters and husbands who will not be home for weeks, maybe months as they fight this battle with Israel's enemies.

- Pray that many Jewish and Palestinian people to be saved during this conflict.  As many face death they need to think about eternity.

- Pray for the Messianic pastors and missionaries as they share the gospel during this time of great fear and uncertainty. 
- Pray for the political and military leadership in Israel that they might have God's wisdom to fight this war against Iran, Russia, and others.
- Pray for comfort for all those who have lost family and friends during the opening invasion by Hamas on October 7th. 

- Pray for leaders in America to stand firm in their support of Israel during this time of war. (Genesis 12:3)

- Pray for the defeat of Israel's enemies for the glory of God. (Isaiah 41:10-12).
- Pray for the church around the world to stand with Israel as God's people. Only the enemies of God are the enemies of Israel (Psalm 83:1-5).

- Pray that the nations would see that the Muslims are for war, but Israel is for peace. (Psalm 120:5-7)

- Pray for all true believers in Jesus that we might prepare our hearts for the imminent moment when we shall see Jesus and to be with Him in the Father's house.

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